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EL NIDO UNDER P6000 IN 5 DAYS: Budget Travel Guide Inc Tours And Hotel

Contrary to the typical perception that El Nido is a pretty expensive place to go to is the truth that this quaint little town has a lot to use even to a tourist on a shoestring. Gone are the days when we avoid this paradise, only drooling about its magnificence through our dreams as the substantial quantity this beaut requires is yet to be saved. Gone are the thoughts that just the upper class members of the society can appreciate at its unequaled appeal and get to taste heaven. Now, practically anybody can venture into this as soon as unidentified trick.


El Nido is situated in the Northern end of primary island Palawan. It is 5 hours away from the province capital Puerto Prinsesa by van and 8-10 hours from Coron by ferryboat.


  1. From Puerto Prinsesa — ride a van or a regional bus for P500 to El Nido. Travel takes 5-6 hours.
  2. From Coron (Busuanga Island)– take an 8-10 hours ferryboat trip to El Nido. Fare is P1400.
  3. From Manila– Fly to Puerto Prinsesa and follow step no. 1. You can fly to Coron and follow step no. 2
  4. From Iloilo— Fly to Puerto Prinsesa by means of Cebu Pacific Air and follow action no. 1.
  5. From Cebu— Fly to Puerto Prinsesa and Coron then follow actions 1 and 2 respectively.
  6. From Boracay— From Caticlan airport, fly to Puerto Prinsesa and Coron then follow setps 1 and 2 respectively. Additionally, you can ride ferryboats to either Puerto Prinsesa or Coron.

*** From other parts of the nation, see if Cebupacific or PAL has direct flights to either Puerto Prinsesa or Coron. If none, check if there are ferryboats bound to either one. If none, examine the areas above and see what’s near you then take it from there.

Kayaking in little lagoon is the most interesting about that day’s activity. Checked my patience and my orientation.


  • El Nido Sands Inn— This spending plan inn is lacking anything expensive unlike other hotels in the whole town however it is low-cost for the rate of P600/night and you get yourself a fan room great for 3 individuals. Shared toilet and bath is not something to be upset about as it is tidy and well kept. Personnels are extremely friendly and useful too.
  • Marina Garden Hotel— Provides an awesome view of the beach. You can have a fan-cooled room with 2 single beds and breakfast for a cost of P1150/night. They also have other types of rooms readily available which you can pick from according to your taste.
  • Garnet Hotel— Those trying to find a little bit of high-end and comfort at just the best rate will love this hotel. At a cost of P1600, you get to have a queen size bed with hot and cold shower, wifi and flatscreen television. Have a look at their website for more options.
  • Lally & & Abet Beach Cottages— This is one of the established resorts in El Nido and was even recognized by the Philippines Department Of Tourist. It has a total of 34 rooms and homes which you can pick from. Their newly constructed spaces are priced at P2740 helpful for 2-3 people.
  • The Resort Bayview Hotel — If you wish to experience 5-star lodging without the 5-star cost then this is the location for you. Preferably a living room helpful for 5 people which likewise provides the view of the lavish plants of El Nido is priced at just P4500/night.

THINGS To Perform

  • Explore the town on a bike— El Nido has a lot of other things to provide aside from its awesome islands and beaches. There’s the hotspring, waterfalls and gorgeous forest trails for those who look for a more interesting sort of experience.
  • Go on a motorbike trip— If riding a bike is not your thing then you can constantly choose the motorized one. This will take you far and even in the outskirts and undiscovered gems of El Nido
  • Kayaking— If you prefer to move at your own speed exploring an island after an island without the loud boat engine disrupting you from your reverie, then go kayaking. Honestly, if I was to check out El Nido as soon as again I ‘d go for this with no second idea.
  • Stand Paddling— The beach waters in El Nido isn’t mad most of the time that makes it ideal to stand up paddle. Check out a close-by islands with just your paddle in tow and I make sure you will like every minute of it.
  • Ziplining — Corong is not only understood to be the side of town where you can witness gorgeous sunsets. It also is house to El Nido’s two way zipline. Feel the rush of adrenaline while entertaining yourself with the spectacular view of the sea for only P500.
  • Scuba Diving and Snorkeling— El Nido takes pride in a rich marine biodiversity so it’s no longer a surprise why there are a number of areas within Bacuit Bay that are thought about marine sanctuary which is finest for scuba diving and snorkeling.


  • Fare from downtown El Nido to Corong Corong– P50. Returning is P150.
  • Fare from El Nido Bus Terminal to downtown El Nido and vice versa– P50
  • Motorcyle leasing– Starts at P500. You still require to fill it with gas before or after usage.
  • Bike rental– Begins at P400
  • Kayak and Paddle Boards Rental– P300
  • Tricycle for hire– P750
  • Taraw climb– P500/guide


  • Tap water is salty and not safe and clean. Not even ideal for bathing or brushing your teeth but it is the only option so far. Much better to always have a bottle of cleansed water in tow.
  • Electrical energy is now available 24/7.
  • Restaurants all around town are a bit costly. Meals great for someone are normally priced at P200 the most affordable. There are cheap choices but anticipate them to be not as excellent as the costly ones.
  • If you plan to have some beer or cocktails, along the beach of Bacuit Bay are a series of bars and dining establishments. The most discuss is Seaslug. Have not attempted there yet but I’m betting it’s excellent provided how it’s flooded with travelers night after night.
  • El Nido is a pretty village so if you plan to see more of it, I recommend you stroll. Tricycle motorists there although they are in general friendly, not everyone of them has your benefit at heart and some of them can be a genuine rip off. Just be keen with your judgement all the time.
  • There are no ATM’s readily available in the area so bag some cash before traveling to El Nido. Update November 2015: There are ATMs now in El Nido for banks like RCBC and quickly BDO & & BPI.


Taking a trip on a shoestring is never ever easy. You have to make sacrifices in order to give way for more vital matters. You need to understand what to focus on with regard to your budget– whether a big portion of your spending money will be spent on accommodation, for food or for exploring around. In a location like El Nido, it is simple to lose yourself. Even more difficult to monitor what’s coming out of your pocket and to what was it invested for. It takes discipline to stay within your ways. How are you going to make P5000 work? Enable me to share you some pointers.


I am no biggie in lodging. I would rather sleep on a camping tent or a hammock if there is an oppotunity instead of to pay for a space that I would hardly utilize in the entire 24 hr. You see when you travel, you are more most likely to be awake the majority of the time than asleep so why bother spend the majority of your cash on an elegant hotel room when all you need is just a comfy location to sleep in. And why would you book a night or two on a 1,2,5-star hotel when a backpacker’s dormitory or a fan space in a great little inn would be sufficient for that matter.

There are plenty of spending plan hotels/inns in El Nido with rates varying from P500 to P1000. If you are not fussy, El Nido Sands Inn would be one of your best options. P600 and you obtain a fan space with double size bed. If this does not interest your preference, there are plenty of other spending plan hotels along Serena Street and Calle Real. Stroll for a little while and I’m pretty sure you’ll discover one.


Island hopping is quentissential to your go to in EL Nido. You have actually never ever gone to El Nido unless you have snorkeled or bathed in among Bacuit Bays 48 Islands. Since you are on a budget plan, taking TOUR A wouldn’t harm. For just P1200 a tour, you get to experience the wonders of Small and Big Lagoons, unwind the tricks of the Secret Lagoon, delight in a sumptuous meal in Shimizu Island and unwind in 7 Commando Beach. Squeezing TRIP C in is also something manageable which you can haggle to as low a P1100 an individual. It is among the must do things for a well hung out in El Nido.

Tip no. 1: Don’t forget to haggle for a minimum of a couple hundred bucks to be taken off the original rate. Bear in mind that each of the island hopping tour prices e.g. Trip C P1300 consists of the P200 1x Environmental Cost which is legitimate for 2 week so if you had already paid for that on Tour A, take P200 off the other tours and begin haggling from there e.g. P1300-P200=P1100. Constantly have your receipts convenient in case the company would ask for it.

Another need to try activity is cycling to Nacpan Beach. For a rate of P400, you currently obtained one of the very best experiences in your life time. If you are too lazy to bike but still wish to go to Nacpan Beach, you can search for other tourists who are headed that way and inquire to share the tranportation cost with you. Your cheapest option, go on a tricycle ride. It costs P750 good for 3-4 people. But naturally, you can always resort to tip no. 1 for bigger savings.

Now, if you are the type who value beauty in an even bigger point of view then an hour or 2 of travelling to the top of Taraw Cliff would give you all there is to El Nido. The stunning view of the entire town is a treasure you would just get to see from up there. A licensed guide is required to take you there for a rate of P500 great for 3 people. As constantly, you can ask another interested sole to take the other half of the expense.

Tip no. 2: Always consume water. Spare a minimum of P200 for 5 1L bottles of water. You’ll require great deals of it.

Out of the many things to do in El Nido, the one that is free and won’t need you a single cent is the very best. Walk to Corong from downtown El Nido a little bit previous 4:30 in the afternoon and reward yourself with the spectacular view of the sunset when you get there.


Tip no. 3: Do not eat in restaurants the majority of the time. It will eat up all your spending plan before you even understand it. When I was there, I just dined once in one of the numerous restaurants along the beach. If you have bigger funds, FINE. You just have P5000 so stick with it.


  • A cup of coffee and 3 pieces bread– P20
  • Immediate cup noodles, water and bread — P50
  • A cup of rice, hotdogs and boiled egg. Water. P60

Pointer no. 4: If you crave for caffeine more than you care to eat a descent meal, pack yourself sachets of immediate coffee mix before you fly to El Nido. Very same opts for sandwich spreads to make your bread more classy. If you are more of a tea individual then take with you great deals of your favorite tea cause having a cup of 2 in one of the coffee shops there can really cost you a fortune.

Lunch— If you are on an island hopping tour for the day, your lunch is all covered. Otherwise:

  • Grilled chicken and a cup of rice. P120

Idea no. 5: You can purchase 1/2 grilled chicken in one of the regional barbecuing stations in town for P100. You can keep a portion of it for later-in-the-day consumption.

Supper — Resort to tip no. 5, otherwise:

  • A glass of milk and 2 pieces bread P20
  • A cup of rice, a can of tuna and water– P50


We (Boyfie and Myself) practically followed whatever I have actually written above. When we flew in to Palawan, we headed quickly to El Nido. We showed up later on in the afternoon and got nothing much to do so we instead simply checked out the beach and viewed tourists coming back from island hopping, amazed with their completely satisfied faces. We invested the opening night over a couple of beers at the beach jamming along an accoustic session. In the morning, we went on an Island Hopping Trip A. We got it for only P900/person. We only had coffee and bread for breakfast but the delicious buffet offseted that come lunch. We leased a kayak for P300 to check out the waters within Small Lagoon. After the island hopping, we roamed around town looking for economical meal for dinner. We bought a 1L bottle of Red Horse beer and talked our time out until midnight.

On our 3rd day, we went on another island hopping tour. This time we took trip C and got it for just P1100 each. Breakfast was again over coffee and bread. Buffet lunch inclusive in the tour. After the island hopping, we walked to Corong-Corong to witness the magnificent sundown. We stopped by a roasting station on our way back and purchased 1/2 roasted chicken and 3 cups of rice for P120. We didn’t go on drinking as we were headed out early the following morning.

The following day, we went on cycling to the borders passing by regional houses and waterfalls all the way to Nacpan Beach. We spent couple of hours at the beach coupling the beautiful surroundings with talks with the residents and other travelers over affordable homecooked meals and beers. We were too tired upon getting back to the hotel that we didn’t trouble to even have dinner.

On our last day, we prepared to climb Taraw Cliff however my travel pal altered his mind the eleventh hour so we went instead on another island hopping tour. This time we took Trip B and got it for just P800/person. We didn’t want to pay additional for our accommodation so we got all our things loaded and left it at our hotel’s travel luggage storage room free of charge. After the island hopping, we rode a trike to the bus terminal to catch our ride back to Puerto Princesa at 6PM.


5 Day Costs Per Individual
Food and Beer P250
Breakfast (Coffee P10 and Pandesal P10)
Island Hopping Tour A
Kayak (P300/2)
Dinner (4 BARBEQUE and 3 cups of rice shared by 2)
1L Redhorse Beer (P90/2)
Buffet Lunch!

TOTAL (Day 2)



Breakfast (Coffee P10 and Pandesal P10)
Island Hopping C
Supper (1/2 chicken P100 and Rice P20 shared by 2)
Buffet Lunch!

TOTAL (Day 3)



Breakfast (1 Pancit Canton P10, Pandesal P10, Coffee P10)
Bike Rental
2 Water 1L (Shared)
Shared Snacks (Chips and Candies)
Lunch (Pork Dish with Rice shared at P220)
Beer (1 SanMig Light)
Supper (None)




Breakfast (Coffee P10 Pandesal P10)
Island Hopping B
Dinner (Eatery at the Terminal)
Tricycle at P50

TOTAL (Day 5)



LODGING (El Nido Sand’s Inn) P1000

Please Note:

  1. We remained in El Nido Sands Inn for the entire time we remained in El Nido. We booked ahead of time and got the fan room for only P500 a night, paid only a down payment for 1 night and the rest upon arrival. Thus each of us actually spent P5550 for whatever on our El Nido escapade considered that P250 (P500/2) was currently paid in advance.
  2. The island hopping tours were already inclusive of the 1x P200 environmental charge. We got the tours scheduled both El Nido and Puerto Princesa along with the van transfers with De Loro Travel Agency upon our arrival in PPS, factor for us being able to get big discount rates on island hopping trips A & & C. Tour B was set up with El Nido Sands Inn where they were more than happy to give it to us for P800/person upon revealing them our invoices for the ecological fee.
  3. We flew in May 14, 2015 when the summer season was nearly over and tourists were minimal reason perhaps why we had the ability to get the tour rates a couple of hundred dollars lower than the typical.
  4. If you do actually want to stay with P5000, rather of going on another island hopping like we did on the last day, you can instead head to Las Cabanas and simply invest your time unwinding by the beach with a bottle of beer till it is time for you to go out. Although I actually believe you would be missing out on something really incredible, you can constantly go back, right?. Also you may wish to give renting a kayak throughout your trip to the Little Lagoon a doubt to conserve another P300. You will not need it anyway if you are one heck of a good swimmer.
  5. This journey was part of our 8-Day Palawan Escapade where each people invested P10,000+ for everything other than for our 2-way aircraft tickets which we got for P600+ each from AirAsia.

P5000 appears a pretty percentage to your name when you take a trip to a place like El Nido but I ensure you it will take you locations if you just know how to make the most out of it.

Here you go. If I miss out on anything, just leave me something to continue reading the remarks box listed below. See ya!

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